Tyler Paige

Hello, I am an artist, designer, and developer. I work in journalism, video production, and web development —

(“durational media for storytelling.”)

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Source, Package, Market, and Deliver Your Own Meal Kit

A game about Blue Apron!

My favorite collaborator Jess Kuronen and I got to work with the talented Hanna Sender to talk about how meal kit companies are a logistical nightmare. In this text-based game, readers can make choices that ultimately end up in further complications. Turns out food is really hard to ship!

I got to do some illustration bugs. The theme was like, “Hurry! Capitalism is coming!”

a bunch of little typographic illustrations

Personal Data

Tech Giants

Local Car Dealers Rush to Consolidate

Think a Negative Tweet From Trump Crushes a Stock? Think Again

This illustration was never approved.

According to people

Brexit Breakup

Illustration assisting Jessica Kuronen.

Doing some identity design experiments for THUMBLAB.

The Windows of a PoMo Palace