Tyler Paige

Hello, I am an artist, designer, and coder. I am thinking about visual & interactive narratives —

stories that tumble over the fingers


Distracted Driver

Occupations with time (drawings, 2020–22)

Technology B

Teaching a class at Pratt’s graduate design program called “Technology B”. Will share course materials soon :-)

Todd Oldham Maker Shop

Jess Kuronen and I built a site for Todd Oldham’s return to fashion. The site features Todd’s signature whismy and love for color. There’s also a ton of weird videos for practically every product, which to us feels novel for an e-commerce website.

Jess and I are happy with the site’s color scheme picker, like it’s 2005. We think about it like the poetics of getting dressed up.

Center for Dizziness and Balance

Recently I have been teaching at Pratt and at Rutgers. I’ve been collecting my teaching materials—sometimes tutorials, sometimes emotional workshops, sometimes art assignment—to a portal I’m calling “The Center for Dizziness and Balance.”

The throughline between my teaching and my creative practice is to find useful disorientations: misheard phrases that spark interest; quick glances at the clock when a second feels strangely longer; sudden vividness when a truism feels deep. Therefore, the name here is taken from a rehabilitation center seen driving 65mph down the Garden State Parkway—the center between dizziness and balance.

Lecture: What Makes The Internet

Gunnison Beach

I’ve lost the original file for this one, and all I have left is this low-res JPG. But in a way, that feels pretty right!

Open Flame

Open Flame is an amazing queer comedy open mic, and I was super excited to make their website. The thing that makes their event so special is the amount of community building that happens in the audience. I’m happy with the finished product, but there was nice sketches along the way. Might make them into my own personal projects soon!

Clockwise from top-left:

Collapsible Grid

For Valentine’s Day, I wrote about how in love I am. It’s a text format I’m fiddling with: text that’s on display but reticent to let you in.

Mask and Reveal

I’ve been working on this component that tries to answer the question, “how do we dissect a photo?”

It’s had a few lives, but this one is my favorite: gave us handwritten annotations of her painting. We wanted to tell the reader what she had to say, and it was important that her hand was present.

I have been practicing my trigonometry to reflect on what a topsy-turvy world this is!

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Open Flame at The Phluid Project

Another poster for Open Flame’s World Pride party :-)

The Hidden Parts of the Mueller Report

When the Mueller Report was released to the public, Joel Eastwood, Dylan Moriarty, and I pumped out this one-day project looking the categorization of redactions. Of it all, I’m most proud of this solitaire-type animation, which is totally responsive!

Peakaboo Pullquotes

Some experiments for peak-a-boo pullquotes…