Tyler Paige

Hello, I am an artist, designer, and coder. I am thinking about visual & interactive narratives —

stories that tumble over the fingers


Tyler Clark Paige Internet Presence

I am an artist who works in sound, video, and interfaces; and I live in New York. Currently, I am a developer at Linked by Air, making websites for art museums and cultural institutions.

Until recently, I was a graphics developer at the Wall Street Journal. There, I was interested in

how text can be combined in multiple forms to create compelling stories — similar to how we discuss “multimedia” stories.
how we can think about websites as durational experiences more like video games and less like newspapers

My work at the Journal falls mostly under the very broad category of “digital editorial design”.

My last ongoing investigation was:

How to dissect a photo and power a narrative

Previously, I was the co-director of an independent art space called 266 W 25 St, which was the address. The space officially billed itself as:

an open, artist-run space to be activated by a series of short-term projects. [We opt to] allow participating artists to craft not only their projects but also the institutions that will surround their work.

266 W 25 St ran for two years, while we created websites and writings to support these fictional institutions.

Among the institutions were:

At the same time, I was studying at Cooper Union while the administration was deciding to break a 150-year tradition of free education. I was very vocal about my politics in this situation.

After burning out, I went to the Universität der Kunste Berlin and studied under Hito Steyerl.

I finished my education at Cooper Union with an exhibition that explored time, labor, and Times Square. The show was called Unlimited Liability. This is the text I put on my invitations:

If you’re here because you are questioning your right to expect something of the workplace; if you’re here because your expectations of stability feel ungrounded; if you question what essential quality about yourself is valuable, then you’re in the right place. Because think about it: is this the new you?

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of excellent artists, designers, writers, and generous people. Here is a list of some of them: